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At SSI, our goal is to improve policy and decision-making related to the energy, environment, and economy. We believe that customized solutions provide the best results, and our approach emphasizes true causation over correlation, incorporating tested system dynamics methodologies.

Our work involves building simulation models that help to improve public and private groups' energy and environmental decision-making. The models we develop are able to introduce new potential technologies and simulate their impacts on the energy economies of the future, giving our clients a robust tool to utilize for planning.

Established in 1985, we have been at the forefront of developing energy and emissions models for both the public and private sectors. We have performed forecasting, simulation, and policy analysis in over 30 states and provinces in North America and state, provincial, and national governments and energy companies in a dozen countries.

With our energy model, ENERGY 2020, government agencies have developed policies to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Environmental groups have determined the impact of cap-and-trade scenarios on energy demand, prices, and emissions, and utilities have used ENERGY 2020 to develop long-range forecasts of energy demand.


We are proud to have contributed to the many accomplishments of our clients. The ability to customize our models to individual clients' needs has set us apart from our competitors. Together we can customize a solution to help improve your policy decision-making and your energy or emissions planning goals.


Jeff Amlin

President, Systematic Solutions, Inc.

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