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"At SSI, our goal is to improve policy and decision-making related to the energy, environment, and economy. We believe that customized solutions provide the best results, and our approach emphasizes true causation over correlation, incorporating tested system dynamics methodologies."
- Jeff Amlin, President


Our Approach

The ENERGY 2020 framework is customizable and can be calibrated and/or modified to represent any particular energy source or geographical area. Additionally, the end‑uses and economic sectors in the model are able to be customized and can be as detailed as the user can accommodate. 


We at Systematic Solutions, Inc. are proud to be able to offer our services to clients across the globe. We have a wide variety of clients including government agencies, utilities, and private industries. Click below to view some of the past projects we have worked on for our valued clients.

ENERGY 2020 

Energy and Environmental Policy Model

Jeff Amlin


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Randy Levesque is the Vice President of Systematic Solutions, Inc. and has worked with ENERGY 2020 for over 20 years.  Randy has a background in the electric utility industry, and her current role includes client interface, project management, writing documentation and reports, as well as designing and conducting ENERGY 2020 training for clients and SSI staff.  

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Jeff Amlin is the President of Systematic Solutions, Inc., has over 30 years of designing economic and energy market models, and is an original architect of ENERGY 2020.  He has performed forecasting, simulation, and policy analysis in over 30 states and provinces in North America and governments and energy companies in a dozen countries. He is currently working on customizing ENERGY 2020 to simulate existing and proposed Canadian energy and environmental policies, including greenhouse gas emissions and carbon trading programs. 

Randy Levesque
Vice President 


Our Leadership


Peter Volkmar
Lead Energy Modeler

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Peter Volkmar is the Lead Energy Modeler of Systematic Solutions, Inc. He wrote his PhD dissertation on OPEC bargaining, oil pricing, and international electrification efforts.  He has reported on business and economics during the Arab Spring in Egypt and worked in business intelligence, microfinance, and international arbitration.  Peter Volkmar received his PhD in Energy Economics and Master’s degree in Statistics from Rice University and his Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Religious Studies from University of Wisconsin, Madison.  


Current Projects

Visit our Projects page for  further details about SSI's current and past projects 


Environment and Climate Change Canada develops projections of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions each year using its energy, emissions, and economy model for Canada – E3MC. E3MC uses ENERGY 2020 to drive its energy and supply simulation. 


ENERGY 2020 is one of the contributing models of studies conducted by Stanford University’s Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) . The Forum’s goal is to improve the use of energy and environmental policy models to support corporate and government decisions.  


Canada's independent national regulator, Canada Energy Regulator (Formerly the National Energy Board), uses ENERGY 2020 as part of its modeling framework to develop its long-term energy forecast published in its continuing Energy Futures series, Canada’s Energy Future 2021: Energy Supply and Demand Projections to 2040.


The Pacific Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NWPCC) uses ENERGY 2020 to produce its energy demand forecast published in NPWCC’s Power Plan. The Plan addresses the risks to the region’s electricity future and identifies an electrical resource strategy over the next 20 years.  

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